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Matthias Orsett


Our first fateful encounter was an attempt to squeeze in a miniature Krone Vin-tasting with Matthias and his close friend Noé from Domaine Christinat, somewhere in the (perhaps too) tight schedule of our last trip to Jura. We ended up meeting at a parking lot between two afterparties of the Nez dans le Vert salon, the latter of which Matthias was DJing.

Served out the back of a car trunk, Matthias and Noé presented their vivid wines in the pitch black (they don't really have urban lighting in the villages of Jura), while the sound of the afterparty was blaring out of speakers in the background. As it often goes with wines not easily forgotten, our group of ten turned to thirty in a matter of minutes, with both friends and sommeliers from both sides of the swiss-french border tuning in to one of the trips biggest highlights.

The beat-blasting, multitalent is incredibly well known for his career in music, and particularly in the Paris underground scene. It seems there's a suprising overlap between those who flip vinyls and pop bottles. When he's not out setting the tune at gigs left and right, he manages his vines and grapes through rigorous work. He ended up training under Emmanuel Houillon and Pierre Overnoy in Jura before settling in Vaud with his own parcels, intending to bring out the treasure that is the Suisse terroir. His wines are slowly popping up here and there among the ones in the know - but it seems it won't be long till his enchanting bottles are stashed at just about any cave with respect for themselves.

His grapes are destemmed by hand through use of a traditional crible, and pressed in an old manual press. Matthias is well aware, that a common pitfall for young vignerons is selling their wine too early, before they've had time to mature. Certain cuvées stay in his cellar for 2,5 years, while others are ready and blooming earlier. With his first vintage being 2021, we're excited to see what he's got in store for next year already. If the last we tried were any indication, they're worth the wait.

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